Flash & HTML5 Video Player Add-on

With this powerful video add-on for Advanced DHTML Popup you can add Flash & HTML5 Video to your website in the fastest, easiest possible way. And not just any video, with this add-on your video will be viewable across the widest possible spectrum of devices, both normal web browsers and hand-held devices.

  • Flash & HTML5 Video Embed or Popup
  • Trigger Custom Popups from Videos
  • Amazon S3 & RTMP Streaming
  • Multiple URL Redirection Options
  • Alpha-Transparency Video
  • Supports flv, mp4, mov, m4v, h.264
  • WordPress and Joomla! Ready

The ADP Web Video Player is a complete and comprehensive video player for Advanced DHTML Popup users.

When loaded into ADP this template adding video to your webpage becomes extremely simple and quick. All video features list below are available in this template which comes with a fully working video already setup for you.

All you have to do is change the video and set the dimensions and then compile as normal. Its so easy you will just want to use it for all your popup video needs.

How it works

Just download the package after purchase and unzip it somewhere to your hard-drive. Open the provided template in ADP as with any other template, add in your video URL and choose from a range of settings. Compile and place the code on your webpage, that's it. Make sure to get the latest ADP documentation from your account pages also.


Anchored video demo:

This is a great demo because it uses the anchoring capability of Advanced DHTML Popup to fix itself to an element in the page. With no close button, no scrolling and no moving allowed, it is exactly like an embedded video. For an actual video popup see the link below.

Click to see a Video Popup Example

Main Features

  • Supports flv, mp4, mov formats so that even transparent video and HTML5 fallback formats are included
  • Supports Amazon S3 Secure Authentication - protect your content with dynamic URL's with built in expiry time
  • RTMP streaming support - secure your videos with real-time streaming
  • HTML5 Video - fallback on iDevices to use the HTML5 video player - see your videos on all devices
  • On-exit option, time delay option
  • Works fully with WordPress and Joomla
  • Completely customize the play and pause buttons, add a title, choose any location including anchored to a page element
  • Powerful JavaScript API available for control within the page by the user or script.
  • Triggered events - click on stage for redirect, redirect at the end of play to a URL
  • Open another video or optin form at the end of play
  • Specify whether to use metadata or set video dimensions directly
  • Control appearance of control bar - not visible, on mouseover only, visible always
  • Cookie control of frequency of display - session cookies or n-day lifetime cookies
  • Multiple videos supported on a single page, such as a series of click me type popup videos
  • Extremely lightweight and fast loading player and script
  • Powerful control of buffering so that multiple videos do not all buffer at the same time
  • Any start frame image can be used
  • Host the video wherever you want, your server, another server, Amazon S3 etc
  • Custom JavaScript commands for end of play, onclick of video etc.
  • Options for redirect/onclick window placement - same, parent, new