Advanced DHTML Popup Ultimate

Multiple simultaneous DHTML layer generation

ADP Ultimate contains extensions to the power of ADP Professional in the areas of multiple simultaneous layers, more complex project creation functions etc. ADP Professional will cover all the needs of the majority of users and itself continues to grow.

Among its powerful features are the automation of multiple layer generation, a tabbed interface allowing for multiple layer design all within one session, and more.

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ADP Ultimate

Advanced DHTML Popup Professional remains the product that the majority of designers need and continues to fulfill all their requirements. For those wishing to create more complex projects using multiple instances of DHTML content Advanced DHTML Popup Ultimate allows you to create multiple instances all within the application using a tabbed interface and the compiler automatically does all the API work for you.

Advanced DHTML Popup Ultimate has surpassed even our expectations and it is still being developed! Check back here and see the newsletter for new features coming all the time.

Advanced DHTML Popup Ultimate showing 3 projects in tabbed interface

ADP Ultimate - main features

  • Anchoring - multiple instances can now be anchored to multiple HTML elements such as a table cells or div's, staying in place as the browser is resized or page scrolled

  • Multiple simultaneous instances with tabbed environment automatically generating the required API code
  • Automatic Content rotation - use the multiple content feature and have them rotated using cookies such as per-session.
  • FTP upload feature
  • Anchor multiple popups to multiple elements of the page to keep them in place at all times
  • Create simple menus like this example (we can supply this project to you) - simple menu
  • Enjoy totally automatic generation of code using the sophisticated API for immediate copy/paste into your page.

A few more screenshots

Easy FTP upload form

Multiple simultaneous instance adding and deleting

Multiple sequential instance adding and deleting

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