Footer Ads Add-on

Footer Ads DHTML Popup

Included free with ADP Professional & Ultimate

You can use ADP Pro to make any footer popup you want as it is now, so long as you can make the content yourself as with any other layer content. Just select bottom full-width slide-up for example and enter your content.

However, this plugin for footer ad templates will help in the HTML & CSS design of the content and comes ready with a large selection of pre-made styles and images.

These templates have been professionally designed and are extremely attractive. They use beautiful graded transparent png images and even work in IE6.

The content and design of the footer ads is adjustable to suit requirements in most aspects, e.g. the logo, close and background images can be changed, the height adjusted etc. However the CSS involved is a little complex and care must be taken when modifying it.

What we have provided in this plugin is a set of templates for the content each of which uses different backgrounds and logo's. There are templates with both optin form and logo, with only optin form, and with only background.

The optin form used is in all cases that of Aweber™ but there is no reason not to use any other form so long as it is designed to fit into the content, or the content adjusted to allow for it.

What the plugin adds to ADP Pro

  • A set of 3 new template folders each of which contain 15 templates in different styles and colors, giving 45 in total.
  • The images used can be swapped around easily among the templates to produce any combination desired and user images can be swapped in instead.
  • They can slide-up, fade-in, drop-down, slide-in from the left etc. Then either be closed with a button or slide-out to the right, fade-out.